Chris Bare has been singing around the state of Ohio for over 20 years.  Born and raised in a rural town about 20 miles north of Dayton, Chris grew up singing.  At their home in Laura, his dad would play and sing the songs of Hank Williams and Johnny Horton, and his mom would sing the songs of the Lettermen and folks songs from the Kingston Trio and the Brothers Four.  This foundation motivated him to participate in the choral and theatre programs in high school.  He also was a member of the local community theatre group.  This participation introduced him to performing and launched him into many more venues throughout high school and into college.

Chris was also very active in his church’s musical activities.  He was instrumental in bringing the folk movement into his local church.  He credits his faith and his family’s support of his love of music.  After two years in college seminary, Chris transferred to his “second home” – Bowling Green State University.  There, he became very involved in the University’s Men’s Chorus and the folk choir at St. Thomas More.  It was also at Bowling Green that he met the true love of his life, Joan.  The two of them began to sing at local coffeehouses and University festivals.  This soon blossomed into numerous gigs at establishments in Bowling Green and the Toledo area.  Soon, Chris and Joan were regulars at places like the Ground Round restaurant and the Toledo Festival of the Arts.  They also were a frequent duo at wedding celebrations.

Chris was also a member of a novelty band in Toledo known as “Shenaniganz.”  They, too, were one of the most popular acts at the time.  Chris was able to refine his performance and audience participation skills with this group.  The band performed countless shows at places such as Ragtime Rick’s, Toledo Fest, and the Apple Butter Festival in Grand Rapids, Ohio.

In 2004, Chris returned to the performance scene in Columbus.  He began singing occasionally at a number of establishments in the Columbus area.  He performs many songs that his audience knows and loves.  Drawing on his home roots, college singing, and audience participation experience, his show is engaging.  Singing songs from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, his unique style is a mixture of folk, country, and pop.  His objective for every show is to make sure that his audience has as much fun as he does.

To book Chris for your next engagement, contact him at or call 614‑395‑6132.